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DEXLEVO is a manufacturer & exporter of Innovative Medical Aesthetic products based on biocompatible and biodegradable polymer technology in Korea.

* Dermatology
Dermatology is fundamental for us to achieve the best results in essential skincare.

* Leading Edge Polymer Technology
The World’s patented CESABP technology: Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer

* Innovation
We always aim to offer new solutions, to lead trend by providing brand new technology.

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JSK Biomed Inc. is a manufacturer and a developer of medical aesthetic devices. Out long-term vision is playing a role as a global leader in the field. We are going to take the first step with ‘mirajet’ the world’s first laser-based needle-free Micro-jet system. Thanks to innovative technology, we are glad that we can fulfill the needs and wants from the market and solve the problems. We believe that it will make and lead the trend. Starting with aesthetic medical field, we are going to expand and grow to aesthetic and general medical field such as insulin, vaccine and veterinary. We hope you enjoy your beautiful and healthy life!

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Sunmax Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Are your friends or colleagues always saying you look so tired or lifeless? Are you looking for eye cream that can lighten dark eye circles? Are you trying to find the right concealer to cover your dark eye circles? We have a solution!

DeusaDerm, authorized by HSA, is an ideal dermal filler for periorbital aging and an overall treatment for dark eye circles. The nature color of collagen (milky white) has instant effect to dark eye circles. Moreover, collagen consists of the same amino acid that skin whitening agents has, which can make your skin always in a good condition.

Don’t let periorbital skin reveals your age. You are not just getting collagen, but a younger and charming you.

Sunmax Biotechnology, a GMP professional medical device company in Taiwan, providing highly purified collagen products used in aesthetic, orthopedics, dentistry, skincare, wound healing and tissue engineering. The safety and quality products got not only professional recognition by being award of symbol of Taiwan national quality, but also nominated three times in the row by Taiwan Healthcare Innoaward since 2018.

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Sunmax Biotechnology Co., Ltd
TEL: 886-6-5053288
FAX: 886-6-5053289
Email: collagen@sunmaxbiotech.com
Add: GMP Tainan Office: No.10, Lane 31, Sec. 1, Huandong Rd., Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan County, Taiwan

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