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Nation Beauty Magazine

Nation Beauty Magazine

Nation Beauty Magazine, established in 1987, is the most influential B2B magazine in Asia’s Professional Beauty Industries.National Beauty Magazine has a high sensitive sharpness and insight in B2B beauty industry, combined with a large number of domestic and foreign latest beauty knowledge, exhibition information and marketing strategies.
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The PMFA Journal

Available in both print and digital formats The PMFA Journal brings together plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic medicine & dermatology, providing an invaluable forum for the sharing of ideas and information between these varied yet closely linked specialist fields.

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Aesthetics Hub

Singapore and Asia's first online destination for your beauty and aesthetics needs and concerns. Get tips and information, news and articles about aesthetics in Singapore, Asia, and around the world. Profiles about clinics and doctors, helpful articles written by the experts.

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Aesthetic+ Magazine

Aesthetic + is a magazine specifically intended for aestheticians and doctors in the anti-aging field, both general practitioners, skin and genital specialists, plastic surgeons, obstetricians, nutrition specialists, and other specialists, as well as the owners of beauty clinics and spas. Our nationwide readers range from Aceh to Papua.

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine (CS&B) is a specialised publication focusing on all facets of aesthetic surgery, cosmetic treatments and anti-ageing medicine. CS&B prides itself on providing the finest expert-recommended content to its readers.

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