CME Registration

Asia Derma has applied to Singapore Medical Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME) Accreditation

Asia Derma 2019 is providing quality Continuing Medical Education programs through hosting high caliber lectures and partnering with prestigious scientific organization.

Asia Derma aims to raise the profile of the conference by providing a new automated delegate registration system, which helps in calculating the credit hours earned during your participation at the conference.


Singapore Medical Council will provide Delegates with

  • Day 1 (4 Points) – If they attend full day
  • Day 2 (4 Points) – If they attend full day
  • Day 3 (4 Points) – If they attend full day

1How does the system work for doctors working in Singapore?
Every time you enter or exit any conference hall, you will be required to scan your badge at the gateway located at the entrance of the conference hall.
2Failure to scanning your badge will result in non-calculation of the credit hours.
The System will automatically calculate the time spent during the session based on your entry and exit.
3How much time do I need to spend during a session?
To earn the CME points dedicated to each session, you will need to attend a minimum of 75% of the conference session.
4Will there be certificate provided?
Certificate of Attendance will be given on the last day of the event, Saturday 2 November 2019.
5How do I obtain my CME points?
We will be submitting your CME claims with the MCR number provided directly to Singapore Medical Council. CME claims are based on your overall attendance at the conference over the 3 days. No further action is required from you.
6How many CME points will I earn?
The maximum CME points a participant can earn by attending all the sessions are 12 CME points awarded by Singapore Medical Council.
7Why an Automated Registration System?
The system will give an accurate count of the credits earned without human error. The system will give further credibility to the conference and the Accreditation bodies. The system provides a fair system for recording the right number of credits earned.
8Do I need to scan my badge every time I enter the conference hall?
Yes, you will be required to scan your badge at every instance you enter and exit the hall. This will allow the system to calculate the designated hours.
9If I need to attend to a phone call, what do I do?
You will need to scan your badge when you exit and scan it again when you enter. If you need to attend to a phone call or any emergencies, please keep an eye on the time as you will need to spend a minimum of 75% of the time you spend at the session.
10What do I do in case I need to verify my attendance?
Kindly email us at